Element14 Enchanted Objects Design Challenge

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Element14 is a great community for DIY enthusiasts like me, and I’ve been a part of it since few months now. Element14 regularly organizes Roadtests and design challenge where it challenge community members to submit a related proposal solving problem with a specific kit provided, and so one challenge going on recently is Enchanted Objects which is an IoT based challenge and I’d submitted proposal named Enchanted Wardrobe for it, which is basically a smart wardrobe which talks to user as he/she open’s it and suggest clothes based on current local weathers, I am planning to add some witty interactions as well all using Text to speech APIs.

The Porposal

Edit 1:

Lucky enough I got selected to compete ahead among top 15 other selected participants and build my proposed project with the kit provided. I am very excited to be selected among top and very intelligent community members like Andy Clark, Jan Cumps and others whom do I also used to know from community and twitter interactions. I can’t wait for the kit to arrive. I’ve got mail fro e14 that it has been dispatched but it usually takes a fortnight to arrive in India.

Edit 2:

The kit is finally here and I’m loving it already Design Challenge Kit

Edit 3:

I am making progress on this project and documenting it on my E14 blog

The bad part is I am not able to focus on it 100% as my semester exams are going on simultaneously, still trying hard to complete the project. The winner prize is Trip to Maker Faire, USA. Let’s see if I can win! But surely it’s gonna be fun and thanks to Element14. Toodles!!


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