Drones and Diwali

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Today we’re celebrating Diwali in India, which is festival of lights. SDIoT decided to add some cool tech touch in this year’s celebrations and here we’re with our brand new YouTube video.

Though the crackers are not good for environment, we used few from last year remains. Using crackers with racing drones, was a fun filled adrenaline experience, it was hard to fly First person view because of low lights, but we were dedicated and result was fruitful. Those who don’t know about FPV it’s flying drones in a first person perceptive, where it send live analog video down to your googles and you control it as you’re sitting in a cockpit. We make these drones for racing purposes which is now a days a very common sports within RC community around the world! They can go upto 120mph speeds. What should I tell about my experience? You should watch the video down below, in full screen, full HD and full volume ;) and if you like this please consider subscribing to channel, like and share the video. Enjoy! Happy Diwali.

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DISCLAIMER: The above stunts has been performed by experts drone pilots under naive teammates supervision, please don’t try this at home or park or anywhere :P


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