My Talk at PyCon India 2017

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PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language conducted annual conference in Delhi NCR from 2-5 Nov 2017. It attracts the best Python programmers from across the country and abroad and is the biggest community driven event in the country.

Last year I attended PyCon India and was overwhelmed with everything going on there, keynote talks, regular talks, community bonding, lightning talks and open houses. It was a really fun and knowledgable experience for anyone into opensource and programming.

This year I decided to submit a talk proposal on Getting Started with Embedded Python using MicroPython and CircuitPython which are open source projects around Python programming language for embedded system development. The proposal was accepted and I got the opportunity to deliver a talk on same.

Though, there were a few glitches, I had trouble getting my workstation connecting to the projector but altogether it was a wonderfull experience, I was overwhelmed seeing this many people interested in this topic. Attendees mostly liked the Arc Reactor demo which was built around MicroPython. A few people asked for my talk presentation afterwards, I promised them to share soon, hence sharing the link to my presentation here, which I uploaded on slideshare. Thanks to all who attended and supported, waiting for next year PyCon already! Cheers ;)

Slides: PyCon India 2017 talk by Ayan Pahwa

Getting Started with Embedded Python: MicroPython and CircuitPython from Ayan Pahwa

PyCon India 2017 experiences:

My talk at PyCon 2017


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