IoT Protocols: A Few choices

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My article on Internet of Things protocols - A Few choices has been published in October17 edition of Open Source For You Magazine where I discuss about choices a developer has while designing an IoT based smart device, more specific the communication protocols - MQTT, CoAP and BLE.

MQTT or message queue telemetry and transport is a Publish Subscribe protocol suitable for IoT development because of it’s light weight, less overhead based architecture. CoAP or Constraint Application Protocol is RESt a.k.a Representational state transfer based communication model but on UDP instead of TCP and is targeted to devices with constraint processing power, bandwidth access, memory etc. BLE or bluetooth low energy on the other hand is much advanced for of Bluetooth classic tailored for IoT development which we used to use for file transfer in the days of Nokia 6600 phones.

To read the full article consider grabbing the hard copy of the magazine or visit OSFY website. Link to my article down below:

Communication Protocols for the Internet of Things: A Few Choices - By Ayan Pahwa


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