IoT and Security

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Internet of Things and Security would have been discussed together various times in journals, blog posts or tech forums, but is it really go hand in hand in IoT products?

As an IoT Enthusiasts and a night time cyber security researcher I’ve worked with various groups of people, companies and start-ups to discuss and improve security in their IoT projects and products and with my experience I decided to document the Do’s and Dont’s of IoT Security for Mentor Graphics Blog, for those who don’t yet, I work as an Embedded Software Engineer at Mentor Graphics-(A Siemen’s Business), and as a part of my work I am involved in IoT relaed stuffs. I reached a colleague Mr. Collin Walls who is a regular blogger for Mentor Graphics, to check the possibility of publishing my write-up, and he instantly agreed to do so.

Securing IoT devices, By Ayan Pahwa


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