BITS Apogee 2017

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Like last couple of years, this time I went again for BITS Pilani annual Technical Fest Apogee-2017, to participate in various engineering competitions, especially hovercraft design and race challenge. I won IInd prize in that competition and my friend Kanav Kumar won the 1st :D

The fest was kinda dull compared to last time. Less crowd, poor management, conflict between events, no prize money for runner ups(Unlike last year). But there was one unique thing this time which was never before. Guesses?

I took my drones along :D . Flew them everywhere possible capturing Pilani famous clock tower, aerial view of Saraswati mandir, The rotunda, Museum Airplane and what not. Got quite an attention and I totally loved it. I’ll leave the video down below.

Apogee 2017:


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