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Recently Python becomes my most favourite programming language and I’ve been loving Microcontrollers since eternity now, and now I’ve found the best of both world, You heard me right running Python on Microcontrollers, Yes :D

As I came to know this open source project I instantly downloaded it and used it in simulation on my Linux machine then ported it to one of my many ESP8266 NodeMCU boards carrying dust on my desk and wolla! It was just amazing, A serial console with familiar Python REPL(Read Evaluate Print Loop), scripting on uC is so much fun now and best part is on ESP8266 it supports networking stack as well. MicroPython can run on few other board as well, Over a course of couple of weeks I lay my hands on it and learned a great deal so thought of making this more reachable, hence wrote an article for famous magazine Open Source For You. It was published in Feb2017 Edition and there parent magazine Electronics For You published the same in May2017 edition, both are great magazines for Geeks.

Since the article has been made public on OSFY website I am sharing the link to my article. Click below to read the original article on OSFY.

An Introduction to MicroPython, in Open Source For You Article by Ayan Pahwa


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