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I Reviewed a book

less than 1 minute read

Recently I was approached by PacktPub publishing house to review a book named Designing Purpose-Built Drones for Ardupilot Pixhawk 2.1. I was very happy to c...


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IoT Holiday Lights

3 minute read

SDIoT Holiday Lights is a smart Christmas tree lights project meant for adding smart, bright and colorful lights to holiday season. It is based around Neopix...

Drones on Firrrreee

less than 1 minute read

Drone catches fire, R.I.P Armattan Chemeleon, thanks to dangerous Lithium Polymer batteries ;/

IoT Protocols: A Few choices

less than 1 minute read

My article on Internet of Things protocols - A Few choices has been published in October17 edition of Open Source For You Magazine where I discuss about choi...