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My Talk at PyCon India 2017

1 minute read

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language conducted annual conference in Delhi NCR from 2-5 Nov 20...

Drones and Diwali

1 minute read

Today we’re celebrating Diwali in India, which is festival of lights. SDIoT decided to add some cool tech touch in this year’s celebrations and here we’re wi...

WiFi deAuther OLED v2.5 thoughts and review

2 minute read

I recently came across a cool open source project esp8266_deauther , which uses my favourite WiFi SoC the ESP8266 to inject DeAuth packets on a WiFi Access p...

Reverse Engineering IoT Devices

14 minute read

CVE Registered : CVE-2017-18642 Edit 1: This blog post has been featured on: Hackaday O’reilly Apple iBeacons HckrNews Appmarsh, Go Checkout!!

IoT and Security

less than 1 minute read

Internet of Things and Security would have been discussed together various times in journals, blog posts or tech forums, but is it really go hand in hand in ...